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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Gift Cards

2 mn read Gift cards can be open-loop or closed-loop . An openn-loop gift card can be used anywhere that brand of card is accepted. For example, if you have a gift card that’s branded with the Visa logo, you could use it to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.2 A closed-loop card, on the other hand, can only be used […]

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What to do with gift cards in Nigeria?

< 1 mn read If you’re living or traveling in Nigeria, you likely know that many popular gift cards – Amazon’s, Apple’s, and others – aren’t of much value in the country. There are ways to get most of your card’s face value in cash if you know where to trade. In this article, we’ll tell you where you […]

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2021 Most Popular Gift Cards

< 1 mn read There are more than 3000 different gift cards on earth. That’s a lot right? Yes. Gift cards are one of the best ways to give gifts to people when you are not sure what they would like. It gives them the option of making their own choice when shopping with the gift card. Read Also: […]

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